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This chat room is the enhanced successor of FR24’s once famous chat room where former regulars meet again and welcome new visitors, within a framework of improved community guidelines aimed at creating a safe, respectful and pleasant environment for aviation enthusiasts.

Flightradar tracking
A flightradar system shows live air traffic from around the world, combines data from several data sources including ADS-B, MLAT and radar data. The ADS-B, MLAT and radar data is aggregated together with schedule and flight status data from airlines and airports to create a unique flight tracking experience.

The technology 
The primary technology to receive flight information is called automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast  ADS-B. The Aircraft gets its location from a GPS navigation source . The transponder on the aircraft transmits signal containing the location and much more. The ADS-B signal is picked up by a receiver connected to the flightradar tracker system, feeds th data and is shown on flightradar tracker systems website or app.

In order to track aircraft that aren’t transmitting ADS-B location data, a technology called Multilateration (MLAT) is used. MLAT uses multiple ADS-B receivers to triangulate the approximate location of an aircraft to an accuracy of about 10-20 meters with coverage nearly down to ground level and a delay of a few seconds. MLAT tracking isn’t perfect, but it’s far better than the radar data provided by the FAA when all else fails. In the case where an aircraft operates far outside of the coverage area, Flightradar will estimate its flight path along the shortest path to its destination. Once it re-enters coverage, the actual position is then displayed.

Flight trackers
There are several different flight trackers on the market – here are some of them: ADS-B Exchange
FlightStats, The Flight Tracker Pro, FlightAware Flight TrackerRadarbox, Plane Finder, Flightradar24.

Real time interaction, great for chatting, sharing live flight tracking and picking up more information. Simply make an account there by choosing a screen name and entering a password and then you are ready to go. 

Chat rooms in the following languages:

  • English
  • Nordic [ Danska, Norska, Svenska ]
  • German
  • Polish

We will add more languages ​​if this is desired or needed. If you miss your language and want us to add this, let one of the moderators know.

After FR24 discontinued its chat room, several former members and moderators set up a new, similar chat room with the help of a former members.

 The main focus of the Flight Chat Room is aviation news and real time radar flight tracking, with a set of updated community guidelines to make it a safe, pleasant environment where everyone is treated kindly and with respect, and where nobody engages in illegalities. Everyone is welcome, former members of the FR24 chat room as well as new visitors. 

In the chat community Admin is responsible for adding code, new functions and announcing changes. The Moderators help in different ways. There may be new members who need help with how everything works, but an important part is also to ensure that the rules are followed.

Once you have registered as a member and created your username, you have full access to all the member chat features. You can choose to use the chat as a guest, but then you do not have access to all the chat features.

Purpose and main focus 
This chat room’s main focus is aviation news and real time, live radar information. Members present may also help you find an airborne flight of friends and loved ones. This is not a dating room!

Only post public data of an aircraft 
The chat room finds it important to respect the wishes of the aircraft owners. Not all tracking websites honour the requests of aircraft owners to hide their details, but FlightRadar24 does. The chat room therefore uses FR24 as a guideline. Only if the flight appears on FR24, can you discuss it in the chat room. If FR24 shows the ICAO24 (“hex”) number of the aircraft, you can discuss its details. If the hex number is not shown, do not disclose any further details in the chat.

Watch your manners 
Kindly mind your language. Do not use any swearing or obscene language. Do not spam multiple smileys.

Be kind and have fun! 
Act respectfully to other members. Do not insult or threaten others in any way.

There are chat rooms in different languages. Always use the language of the chat room you chose to enter.

Whispers, Private Messages (PMs) 
If you wish to communicate with other users with Private Messages, first ask them if they agree with this. Do not bombard users with Private Messages if they tell you that they do not want to receive Private Messages.

Font Colour 
Please use a font colour that is convenient for others to read. If others request you to change your colour because it is too flashy for the eyes or hard to read on their device, change your colour.

No pornographic content allowed 
Do not post pornographic content, for it will lead to an immediate ban.

No illegal content allowed 
Do not post illegal content of any kind.

Warnings and ban 
Members whose behaviour comes close to violating the Community Guidelines will be alerted to this by the moderators to the extent possible and will be asked to comply with the Community Guidelines. If they ignore this warning they will be banned – either temporarily or permanently. Members who choose to violate the Community Guidelines will be banned without prior warning. The moderators can see the IP address of people who are online – this information is only ever used by moderators to temporarily or permanently ban someone.

Illegal activities 
The chat room, its Admin and its moderators are not responsible, and cannot be held liable and do not accept any liability for any activities in the chat room by its users and/ or any consequences of such activities. Every chat room user is fully personally responsible and liable for his own behaviour. Should anyone engage in illegal activity, the moderators will permanently ban them as soon as they become – or have been made – aware of such activities. In other words: this chat room wants to be a community where everyone feels safe, is treated kindly and with respect, and where nobody engages in illegalities!

These guidelines can be changed without notice.
Should any legal dispute arise, then only the appropriate courts in Sweden are competent. 

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Tracker and your information 
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